You are 5 minutes
away from
a chance to win
or one of five
$20 Amazon
gift cards
Download WWPass PassKey Lite.
Open your App and select
“Create New PassKey”.
Open in your browser.
Tap the QR code.
Scan the QR code with PassKey Lite.
Create a New Vault and name it “blackhat”.
Click Add Entry and enter
your name in the “Title” field.
From the vault menu select “share”.
Email sharing code to: Log out.
Login to in 10 min and confirm WWPass Team as a user of this vault. You have until 11.59 pm PDT July 30 to confirm. Good luck!
You have been entered into the raffle.
When you win, your gift certificate will be delivered directly to your “blackhat” vault in on July 31 2017. Check the notes field in your vault to see if you’ve won!
WHY DO I NEED THIS ONE? is the only password manager of its kind secure enough to use with teams, while also making valuable information accessible from all desktops and most popular mobile devices. It is available both for teams and individuals, and totally free.

HOW IS PASSHUB.NET MORE SECURE? encrypts your information, and then completely separates the encryption keys from the data. No one can access the data without your permission – ever.
WWPass authentication technology eliminates the use of human-readable credentials and human-visible “master keys.” It’s superior to traditional multifactor authentication methods, since it can’t be spoofed or used to harvest credentials.
CAN MULTIPLE USERS SHARE PASSWORDS, AND HOW ARE THEY PROTECTED FROM PRYING EYES? users can share a “vault” (a set of records with credentials and other secret information) with other users. Vault sharing is done via secure encryption key exchange, which, through invitation and user confirmation, ensures unauthorized users can never gain access to your vault.
IS IT REALLY FREE? is a public service that provides a free password manager for individuals and small teams. We have subscription options for companies that prefer to install their own PassHub servers in their data centers or in the cloud.
We never sell any information to anyone. By design, we don’t even have access to users’ data.

Get the free WWPass Passkey Lite app, log in to, and you can win a $100 Amazon gift card just for trying it out. See the details above.